Tenipurimyu !

...Because I'm freakiing Crazy !

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Posting Here fast, because I need to go out with some friends ! (They're waiting for me)
Well, enjoy

Shitsuji Kissa ni Okaerinasaimase - A Yagami Ren, Kawai Ryunosuke Dorama *---*

Episode 1

I really hope you enjoy !
And please DO NOT use this links in another sites without my permission !
Fell free to Sub ;*

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Hello! I could not contact you by messaging system, so I have to post this here! My apologies!

Hello, NSL Member!!!

I'm sorry to be writing this message to you, but there is only one more day left for you to post in the Mandatory Members Post on the community NissyShinjiLove. Failure to post in the thread by the end of February 20th will result in your removal from the community!

Again, our apologies (from both of your maintainers), but this is a precaution thread we had to put into place because of some harassment issues we've been having from a certain user. To help us with this problem, we simply need you to post once in that thread.

Thank you for understanding. The thread is located here:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! However, please realize that not much time is left to post!

Thank you again! m(_ _)m Hope to see you around!

~The maintainers of NissyShinjiLove

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