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 Konninchiwa Minna-san

Today I'm very Very Happy because I recieved The ticket of Eurocopa 2008
The game that I'm going to watch is French x Italy
I think it's going to be a hard game, like in the final of the world cup.
For whose that doesn't know I 'm Italian xDDDD
Of course I haven't bought this ticket...*I don't have enough money to this*
But my granpa is friend of Cagliari's director so. I win the ticket....
Here's the Picture of my ticketoooo

My happy Celular doesn't help me at all T~T

I need to buy other...for taking picures of Italy
and I'm a piece of trash in this photo *i've cried a lot and I wanted to sleep*
But I can say I'm better than this >_<

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I wrote French...
it's France.....u-ú


...I added you to my friends list...I hope we can be friends...^^


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