Tenipurimyu !

...Because I'm freakiing Crazy !

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 Happy Birthday Marui ^_^

Today, I instaled WinXP SP2 in my PC, and now I'm felling bad because I really loved Vista
But, Vista doesn't works so well with me...and because of this I need To be stronger ...(lOl) little cousin is so cute, she is 7 days old...and she loves me...because she stops crying when I take her...
Her name is Giovanna, after I'll put some photos of her here...
I'm playing Prince of Tennis PS2 Game...hehe...
I'm Ryoma...I think all of you knows why...¬¬"
Tomorrow is holiday and I want to spend my time walking, but the weather doesn't helps
All right I need to read "Memorias de um sargento de milicias " para a prova....I don't want to...


Gomen for the Bad Quallity...I'm without programs

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Parabéns, Marui-channnn~! >___<~

Ahhh quero ver sua priminha linda tá?
Memórias de um sargento de milícias? XDDD~ Eu ainda não li masis amo literatura \o/

Ok...depois eu posto uma foto tbm amo literatura, mais esse livro é tão dificil O__O
Nya~adorei o seu icon...(hehehe)...
kissu kissu princess

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