Tenipurimyu !

...Because I'm freakiing Crazy !

Geente !
Estou de volta...é dps de qse morrer xD
mais enfim


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Posting Here fast, because I need to go out with some friends ! (They're waiting for me)
Well, enjoy

Shitsuji Kissa ni Okaerinasaimase - A Yagami Ren, Kawai Ryunosuke Dorama *---*

Episode 1

I really hope you enjoy !
And please DO NOT use this links in another sites without my permission !
Fell free to Sub ;*

I'm back ---I guess

Okay, I have to adimit I took so much time away from here !
But I decided to come back now !
Maybe because I'm bored with my trash vacations ever i~i, the only thing that I'm enjoying now is my PC.
I'm going to travel Friday, but still...
Anyways, I'm watching a new Yagami Ren, Kawai Ryunosuke J-dorama ! *---*
They are cute....*-*
When I finish watch I'll post the links here....

Dewa Mata

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 Konninchiwa Minna-san

Today I'm very Very Happy because I recieved The ticket of Eurocopa 2008
The game that I'm going to watch is French x Italy
I think it's going to be a hard game, like in the final of the world cup.
For whose that doesn't know I 'm Italian xDDDD
Of course I haven't bought this ticket...*I don't have enough money to this*
But my granpa is friend of Cagliari's director so. I win the ticket....
Here's the Picture of my ticketoooo

My happy Celular doesn't help me at all T~T

I need to buy other...for taking picures of Italy
and I'm a piece of trash in this photo *i've cried a lot and I wanted to sleep*
But I can say I'm better than this >_<

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 Today is the Birthday of a person MOTTO SPECIAL to Me

Veh-chan, Omedetogozaimasu...
I hope that you have the best day in your life...*(y) I really love you Ohime-sama
Nya~here a little puresento to you

New Way of Life
Estou completamente viciada em Death Note...
Nya~isso ocorreu por um acaso, logo depois de eu ter visto Death Note na casa da minha amiga...
Eu já tinha o Mangá, mais nunca me passou na cabeça assistir...
Foi engraçado qdo eu entrei no quarto dela e olhei para a tela do PC, lá estava o Light...dizendo:
Kira-desu....*olhar maligno*
Foi a gota da agua...serio parece que por uns 10 segundos eu não ouvia mais nada...
Qdo cheguei em casa fui correndo assistir...e adivinha ESTOU VICIADA

Nya~meu cosplay da Misa-Misa tá tão Kawaii...estou louca para estrea-lo no Anime Friends 

Happy birthday Nao-chan...
nya~the best Kaidoh EVER....
I hope that you enjoy this day a lot....
wow, guys I'm here to talk about my Cosplay...
I decided yesterday, that I will make Misa Cosplay...and I've already bought the costumes...
I'm in love with Death Note
*and Light too* 
and here in my hands I have an apple and my death note...xDDDDD


one gift
Hello Minna-san

nya~today I really enjoyed the internet...xD
I say this because I stayed all they long watching Tenimyu...|o|
and this is sooooooooo good..*-*
I also watched DeliGaku Subbed..nya~
after I will pass the link to you, but sadly now I just have it in Torrent...
and Kirirenn can be so cute and adorable?
Nagi is getting angry with me because I'm seeing him so much in TGT
Sorry my little know you are my life...., I want to share something that I's only one, but I still's my first too
Feel free to take and use...
And Credits to someone..gomen I didn't know where I pic this picture...


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 Happy Birthday Marui ^_^

Today, I instaled WinXP SP2 in my PC, and now I'm felling bad because I really loved Vista
But, Vista doesn't works so well with me...and because of this I need To be stronger ...(lOl) little cousin is so cute, she is 7 days old...and she loves me...because she stops crying when I take her...
Her name is Giovanna, after I'll put some photos of her here...
I'm playing Prince of Tennis PS2 Game...hehe...
I'm Ryoma...I think all of you knows why...¬¬"
Tomorrow is holiday and I want to spend my time walking, but the weather doesn't helps
All right I need to read "Memorias de um sargento de milicias " para a prova....I don't want to...


Gomen for the Bad Quallity...I'm without programs


Hoje eu estou meio depressiva..."sim é isso aí"
Porque eu tive que dizer bye bye para o meu winVista
Eu acho ele perfeito e maravilhoso, mais em termos de confiabilidade e funcionamente o XP supera
Por isso eu deixo um alerta, Não Usem Windows Vista...esperem mais um pouco...ele não cumpre o que promete


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